to May 31

Fiber as Metaphor at Fritz Gallery

The Española Valley Fiber Arts Center (EVFAC) is dedicated to growing the appreciation of the fiber arts, building the community through collaborative efforts and fostering economic sustainability. Organized by EVFAC, the annual New Mexico Fiber Crawl honors New Mexico's rich fiber arts heritage and contemporary culture while showcasing its diversity. EFAC plans a collaborative exhibit called Fiber as Metaphor with galleryFRITZ to increase the visibility of the conceptual side of fiber art by giving artists a platform to exhibit their work. With a combination of local and national artists, the exhibition should draw attention to this deep and diverse artform.

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to Oct 19

Ikat: The Building Blocks and Beyond

  • Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts (map)
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Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

Useful to weavers at all skill levels, ikat is a knot-tying technique that’s wonderful for adding complexity and vibrancy to your woven work. During this workshop, students will design and weave a single ikat warp, and weft and combine it into a double ikat. Starting with a basic design, you leave with an understanding of how to use this technique to further design your own work. Come prepared to tie a lot of knots and bring rubber gloves for dyeing with indigo and other natural dyes. And come to weave! Open to all skill levels.

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to May 6

Blue/Green color/context/code

Brown Grotta Gallery

April 28 - May 6, 2018

Adela Akers (United States) • Micheline Beauchemin (Canada)• Caroline Bartlett (United Kingdom) • Polly Barton (United States)• Nancy Moore Bess (United States) • Marian Bijlenga (The Netherlands)• Włodzimierz Cygan (Poland) • Carole Frève (Canada) • Ane Henriksen (Denmark) • Helena Hernmarck (Sweden/United States) • Kiyomi Iwata (Japan) • Ferne Jacobs (United States) • Tim Johnson (United Kingdom) • Kristín Jónsdóttir (Iceland) • Christine Joy (United States) • Tamiko Kawata (Japan/United States) • Marianne Kemp (The Netherlands) • Lewis Knauss (United States) • Nancy Koenigsberg (United States) • Yasuhisa Kohyama (Japan) •  Kyoko Kumai (Japan) • Lawrence LaBianca (United States) • Gyöngy Laky (United States) • Sue Lawty (United Kingdom) • Jennifer Falck Linssen (United States) • Åse Ljones (Norway) • Federica Luzzi (Italy) • Dawn MacNutt (Canada) • Rachel Max (United Kingdom) • John McQueen (United States) • Rebecca Medel (United States) • Mary Merkel-Hess (United States) • Norma Minkowitz (United States) • Laura Foster Nicholson (United States) • Keiji Nio (Japan) • Gudrun Pagter (Denmark) • Eduardo Portillo & Mariá Eugenia Dávila (Venezuela) • Michael Radyk (United States) • Debra Sachs (United States) • Heidrun Schimmel (Germany) • Naoko Serino(Japan) • Sylvia Seventy (United States) • Karyl Sisson (United States) • Polly Adams Sutton (United States) • Noriko Takamiya (Japan) • Hideho Tanaka (Japan) • Chiyoko Tanaka (Japan) • Laura Thomas (United Kingdom) • Lenore Tawney (United States) • Deborah Valoma (United States) • Ulla-Maija Vikman (Finland) • Wendy Wahl (United States) • Gizella K Warburton (United Kingdom) • Grethe Wittrock (Denmark) • Chang Yeonsoon (Korea) • Jiro Yonezawa (Japan) • Shin-Young-ok (Korea) • Carolina Yrarrázaval (Chile)

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