I was wooed.  Lured and lassoed in an almost psychic whisper, I was called to weave by Sumiko Deguchi while I was in Japan as a student at the Oomoto Summer School of Traditional Japanese Arts. Daily, we practiced tea, calligraphy, Budoh, and Noh drama, learning that gesture as expression of energy comes from an impulse deep within the body  —  whether one is holding a tea scoop, a fan, a paintbrush, or a weaver’s shuttle. 

Sumiko Deguchi (1883-1953) was a weaver and the 2nd Spiritual Leader of the Oomoto religion. When my heart feels a longing, if I have lost my way in my work, Sumiko calls me back to that ceremonial space which is my loom. Here, through the intimacy with thread, my spirituality finds woven expression.

Cocoon Portal,  graphite on paper

Cocoon Portal, graphite on paper